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  • LoRa VS LoRaWan

    LoRa VS LoRaWan

    LoRa is short for Long Range. It is a low-distance, distance-distance close-contact technology. It is a kind of method, whose biggest feature is the longer distance of wireless transmission in the same series (GF , FSK, etc.) spread farther, the problem of measuring distance and distance coexist...
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  • 5G Technology Advantages

    5G Technology Advantages

    It was informed by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: China has opened 1.425 million 5G base stations, and this year will promote the large-scale development of 5G applications in 2022. it sounds that 5G completely step into our reality life, so why do we need to develop 5G ?...
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  • What Will 6G Bring to Humans?

    What Will 6G Bring to Humans?

    4G changes life, 5G changes society, so how will 6G change humans, and what will it bring to us? Zhang Ping, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, a member of the Advisory Committee of the IMT-2030(6G) Promotion Group, and a professor at Beijing Universi...
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