5G Technology Advantages

It was informed by China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology:  China has opened 1.425 million 5G base stations, and this year will promote the large-scale development of 5G applications in 2022. it sounds like 5G really steps into our real life, so why do we need to develop 5G?

1. Change society and accomplish the interconnection of all things

As the key infrastructure for comprehensively building the digital transformation of the economy and society, 5G will promote the transformation of traditional industries and the innovation of the digital economy, and a new era of the Internet of Everything is coming.

5G will achieve the connection between people and people, people and the world, things and things anytime and anywhere, forming an organic whole of the interconnection of all things, which will greatly improve people's quality of life and improve the operational efficiency of society.

The 5G scenario design is highly targeted, and it proposes attractive support for autonomous driving and the Internet of Vehicles for the automotive industry; for the medical industry, it proposes telemedicine and portable medical care; for the gaming industry, it provides AR/VR. For family life, it proposes the support of a smart home; for industry, it is proposed that we can support the revolution of Industry 4.0 through ultra-low latency and ultra-reliable network. In the 5G network, virtual reality, augmented reality, 8K high-definition video, as well as unmanned driving, intelligent education, telemedicine, intelligent reinforcement, etc., will truly become mature applications, bringing new and intelligent changes to our society.

2.5G technology meets the needs of industrial Internet development

In the 5G environment, industrial control and industrial Internet have also been greatly improved and supported. Automation control is the most basic application in manufacturing, and the core is a closed-loop control system. In the control cycle of the system, each sensor performs continuous measurement, and the cycle is as low as the MS level, so the system communication delay needs to reach the MS level or even lower to ensure accurate control, and it also has extremely high requirements for reliability.

5G can provide a network with extremely low latency, high reliability, and massive connections, making it possible for closed-loop control applications to connect through wireless networks.

3.5G technology greatly expands the capabilities and service scope of cloud-based intelligent robots

In intelligent manufacturing production scenarios, robots are required to have the ability to self-organize and collaborate to meet flexible production, which brings robots' demand for cloudification. Cloud robots need to be connected to the control center in the cloud through the network. Based on a platform with ultra-high computing power, real-time computing, and control of the manufacturing process are performed through big data and artificial intelligence. A large number of computing functions and data storage functions are moved to the cloud through the cloud robot, which will greatly reduce the hardware cost and power consumption of the robot itself. However, in the process of robot cloudification, the wireless communication network needs to have the characteristics of low latency and high reliability.

The 5G network is an ideal communication network for cloud robots and the key to using cloud robots. The 5G slicing network can provide end-to-end customized network support for cloud robot applications. The 5G network can achieve an end-to-end communication delay as low as 1ms, and supports 99.999% connection reliability. The network capability can meet the delay and reliability requirements of cloud robots.


Post time: Jan-21-2022