Transmission of RF coaxial connectors


The RF coaxial connector is a component installed in a cable or instrument, an electronic device used for the electrical connection or separation of the transmission line, and is a part of the transmission line, with which the components (cables) of the transmission system can be connected Or disconnected, it is different from the power connector, the power connector is used for low frequency (usually 60 Hz) electrical signals, and the RF connector is used to transmit RF energy, and its frequency range is very wide, up to 18*109 Hz/sec (18GHZ) even higher. Typical uses of RF connectors include advanced radar, vehicle and ship communications, data transmission systems, and aerospace equipment.

The basic structure of a coaxial connector consists of: a center conductor (male and female center contacts); then, the outside is a dielectric material, or insulator, as in a cable; and finally, the outer contact. This outer part serves the same function as the outer shield of the cable, ie transmitting the signal, as a grounding element for the shield or circuit.

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Post time: Mar-10-2023