SMT Isolators & Coaxial Isolators


Surface Mount Technology (SMT) isolators and coaxial isolators are two different types of components used for isolation purposes in various electronic circuits. Here are the key differences between them:

Form Factor:

SMT Isolators: These isolators are designed for surface mount applications, being mounted directly onto the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB). They are compact and suitable for modern electronics with densely packed components.

Coaxial Isolators: on the other hand, are typically larger and have a cylindrical shape. They are designed to be connected in-line with coaxial cables, making them suitable for RF (radio frequency) applications.

Mounting Method:

SMT Isolators: Mounted directly onto the PCB using surface mount technology. This allows for efficient use of space on the board.

Coaxial Isolators: Installed in-line with coaxial cables, providing isolation between the input and output ports.


SMT Isolators: Commonly used in various electronic circuits where isolation is required, such as power supplies, amplifiers, and communication systems.

Coaxial Isolators: Primarily used in RF and microwave systems where signal isolation and protection against reflected power are important. Common applications include RF transmitters and receivers.

Frequency Range:

SMT Isolators: Can be designed for a wide range of frequencies, depending on the specific application. They are versatile and can cover both low and high-frequency ranges.

Coaxial Isolators: Specifically designed for RF and microwave frequencies. They are optimized for a narrow frequency range determined by the design of the coaxial structure.

Isolation Mechanism:

SMT Isolators: Achieve isolation through various mechanisms, including magnetic, capacitive, or optical isolation, depending on the design and application.

Coaxial Isolators: Typically utilize ferrite materials and the non-reciprocal behavior of microwaves in a magnetic field to achieve isolation.

In summary, both SMT isolators and coaxial isolators serve the purpose of providing isolation in electronic circuits.

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Post time: Jan-24-2024