Jingxin Producing Drop-in Circulators & Isolators from DC-40GHz

 Stripline drop-in circulators and isolators are components commonly used in radio frequency (RF) and microwave systems.


Stripline Drop-in Circulators

Stripline circulators provide unidirectional signal flow between three ports. These devices use ferrite materials and a magnetic field to achieve isolation between the ports, allowing signals to circulate in a specific direction.

Stripline circulators are often used in applications such as radar systems, communication systems, and other RF/microwave circuits where the separation of signals is necessary.


Stripline Drop-in Isolators

Stripline isolators are similar to circulators but typically have only two ports, providing isolation between the input and output ports.

Isolators are crucial in preventing reflected signals from traveling back into the source, which helps to protect RF/microwave sources (such as amplifiers) from potential damage due to mismatches.

Like circulators, stripline isolators also use ferrite materials to achieve the desired isolation.

Both stripline circulators and isolators are important components in RF and microwave systems, ensuring proper signal flow, minimizing interference, and protecting sensitive components from reflected signals. They are commonly employed in various applications, including telecommunications, satellite communication, and radar systems.

As an innovative manufacturer of RF components, Jingxin can design standard and customized drop-in isolators and circulators. If you have any requirements of drop-in circulators and isolators, you are welcome to contact us @ sales@cdjx-mw.com


Post time: Feb-22-2024