Passive Intermodulation of RF Components

The rapid development of mobile communications has further improved the transmission power and reception sensitivity of communication systems, and there may be many signals of different frequencies in the same transmission channel. Under high-power conditions, some passive components that were originally thought to have linear characteristics, such as filters, duplexers, connectors, antennas, and transmission cables, all exhibit nonlinear characteristics. Therefore, it is possible to produce modulation between signals of different frequencies. This is passive intermodulation.


On cellular base stations such as Global Mobile Communications (GSM), Data Communications Systems (DCS), Personal Communications Service Systems (PCS), and paging stations, due to the large transmission power, duplexers, RF coaxial, connectors, and antennas are used in the transmitting channel, and the system is duplex (that is, the multi-carrier transmitting channel is also a receiving channel), so passive intermodulation is generated in the system.


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Post time: Jan-16-2024