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- Our Components Covering from European Railway Systems, USA Public Safety Systems to Asian Military Communication Systems and so on.

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Microstrip Isolator: An isolator is a two-port device that allows microwave signals to travel in only one direction between its ports. It functions similarly to a circulator but has one less port. An isolator is often used to protect sensitive microwave sources, such as amplifiers, from reflections that could potentially damage the source.

In a microstrip isolator, the same principles of non-reciprocity and Faraday rotation are applied. The incoming signal travels through the device in a single direction, and any reflections or backward-traveling signals are absorbed or attenuated. This prevents undesired reflections from traveling back into the signal source.

Both microstrip circulators and isolators are essential components in microwave systems where signal routing, isolation, and protection against reflections are critical. They are used in applications ranging from military radar systems to satellite communication and wireless communication systems.

Custom RF Passive Components

As a manufacturer of RF passive components, Jingxin can design various ones according to the clients’ applications.
Only 3 Steps to Solve Your Problem of RF Passive Component.
1. Defining the parameter by you.
2. Offering the proposal for confirmation by Jingxin.
3. Producing the prototype for trial by Jingxin.

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