Microstrip Isolator Operating from 6.0-18.0GHz JX-CI-6G18G-13M

Item No.: JX-CI-6G18G-13M


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Microstrip Isolator Operating from 6.0-18.0GHz

The isolator is composed of a magnetized ferrite sheet, a transmission line, and an output/input connector. The primary function of it is to isolate or protect RF  components from reflections or feedback signals. Isolators are designed to allow signals to pass in one direction only while attenuating signals in the reverse direction. This helps prevent signal degradation and instability in RF systems.

The microstrip isolator JX-CI-6G18G-13M is designed to cover from 6.0-18.0GHz. It measures only 12mm*9.7mm*6mm and features insertion loss less than 1.3dBWhile at Power test 20W, Insertion Loss is less than 1.5dB, Isolation over 13dBWhile at Power test 5W, isolation is over 9dBand VSWR over 1.7.

As an innovative designer of RF components, Jingxin can support you to customize such kind of microstrip isolators which is characterized by high performance and high reliability. Do as promised, all the RF passive components from Jingxin have a 3-year guarantee.




Frequency Range


Insertion Loss

                       1.3dB max                          1.5dB max@Power test 20W


                        13dB min                          9dB min@ Power test 5W


1.7 max

Forward Power

20W CW

Reverse Power



-55ºC to 85ºC



Frequency Range


Custom RF Passive Components

As a manufacturer of RF passive components, Jingxin can design various ones according to the clients’ applications.
Only 3 Steps to Solve Your Problem of RF Passive Component.
1. Defining the parameter by you.
2. Offering the proposal for confirmation by Jingxin.
3. Producing the prototype for trial by Jingxin.

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