RF Filters Series Operating From 50MHz-67.5GHz


- Bandpass Filter
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- Lowpass Filter
- Bandstop Filter

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RF Filters Series Operating From 50MHz-67.5GHz

RF/Microwave filters are the basic components to transfer the signal. As a professional manufacturer of RF / Microwave passive components, Jingxin has a wide range of standard and custom RF passive components. Our RF filters are available from 50MHz -50GHz, which include bandpass filter, low pass filter, high pass filter, and band stop filter. According to the parameter, it can be designed into a cavity filter, or Lumped-element filter, or ceramic filter for option. Our engineers already design and produce a mass of RF filters for public safety, Telecom, and military solutions in the world widely, most of which are customized to the client’s special demand. As promised, all the RF passive components from Jingxin have 3 years warranty. More custom filters can be designed by Jingxin, There is a list of some typical filters produced by Jingxin for reference, you are welcome to contact us with your requirements.


Model Number Center frequency(MHz) Frequency Range Insertion Loss Return Loss Rejection Power(CW) Connector Size(L x W x H)
JX-CF1-280M380M-22S 330 280-380MHz ≤1.0dB ≥16dB ≥70dB@DC-190MHz
50W SMA-Female 220mm x 128mm x 46mm
JX-TF-343-10-4S 339 330-348MHz ≤1.5dB ≥18dB ≥50dB@313MHz
5W SMA-Female 90mm x 90mm x 50mm
JX-CF1-338M340M-50N 339 338-340MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥ 5dB@336.65-337.15MHz
≥ 50dB@341.8-344MHz
5W N-Female 330 mm x 90 mm x 60mm
JX-CF1-338M340M-50NL 339 338-340MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥15dB@336.65-337.15MHz
5W N-Female mm x 160 mm x 61mm
JX-CF1-339M402M-90NWP 340.5 339-402MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥90dB@449-451MHz 50W N-Female 160mm x 150mm x 59mm
JX-TF-392.5/5-7NF 392.5 390-395MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥75dB@380-385MHz
100W N-Female 226mm x 112mm x 52mm
JX-CF1-380420-5RN 400 380-420MHz ≤2.0dB ≥19dB / 100W N-Female 469.4mm x 125mm x 45mm
JX-CF1-417M420M-40S 419 417.5-420.5MHz ≤1.5dB ≥10dB ≥40dB@427.5-430.5 MHz
≥40dB@380-395 MHz
1W SMA-Female 78mm x 78mm x 41mm
JX-CF1-418M421M-35N 419.5 418-421MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥10dB@411.5-416.5MHz
5W N-Female 300mm x 90mm x 60mm
JX-CF1-427M430M-40S 429 427.5-430.5MHz ≤1.5dB ≥10dB ≥40dBc@418-420 MHz
≥30dBc@438-440 MHz
1W SMA-Female 78mm x 78mm x 41mm
JX-CF1-449M451M-90NWP 450 449-451MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥90dB@339-402MHz 50W N-Female 145mm x 110mm x 59mm
JX-CF1-460-70B 460 458-462MHz ≤6.5dB ≥15dB ≥70dB@457MHz
50W SMA-Male 256mm x 90mm x 53mm
JX-CF2-470-70S 470 469.65-470.35MHz ≤5.0dB ≥18dB ≥70dB@467.7MHz
50W SMA-Male 168mm x 90mm x 106mm
JX-TF-509-10 -4S 509 504-514MHz ≤1.5dB ≥18dB ≥50dB@479MHz
5W SMA-Female 78mm x 78mm x 46mm
JX-CF1-511M561M-80N 536 511-561MHz ≤1.55dB ≥18dB ≥80dB@505MHz&567MHz 200W N-Female 183mm x 115mm x 50mm
JX-CF1-559M609M-80N 584 559-609MHz ≤1.6dB ≥18dB ≥80dB@553MHz&615MHz 200W N-Female 183mm x 115mm x 50mm
JX-CF1-613M645M-80N 629 613-645MHz ≤1.0dB ≥16dB ≥80dB@607MHz
250W N-Female 380mm x 235mm x 46mm
JX-CF1-617M652M-60NWP 634.5 617-652MHz ≤0.8dB ≥20dB ≥60dB@663-4200 MHz 60W N-Female 150mmx90mmx42mm
JX-CF1-679M699M-80N 689 679-699MHz ≤1.0dB ≥16dB ≥80dB@673MHz
100W N-Female 380mm x 235mm x 46mm
JX-CF1-700M740M-80GD 720 700-740MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥80dB@DC-650MHz
50W SMA-Female 170mm x 105mm x 32.5mm
JX-CF1-757M758M-SV2 757.5 757-758MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥15dB@757.5MHz±1.5MHz
5W N-Female 263mm x 150mm x 43.6mm
JX-CF2-15N-V1 757.5 757-758MHz
≥15dB ≥15dB@757.5MHz±4MHz
5W N-Female 270mm x 150mm x 95mm
JX-CF2-15N-V2 757.5 757-758MHz
≥15dB ≥15dB@757.5MHz±1.5MHz
5W N-Female 270mm x 150mm x 95mm
JX-CF2-757M788M-15NV2 757.5 757-758MHz
≥15dB ≥15dB@757.5MHz±1.5MHz
5W N-Female 482.6mm x 150mm x 43.6mm
JX-CF2-757M788M-15NV1 775.5 775-758MHz
≥15dB ≥15dB@757.5MHz±4MHz
5W N-Female 482.6mm x 150mm x 43.6mm
JX-CF1-787M788M-SV1 787.5 787-788MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥15dB@787.5MHz±1.5MHz
5W N-Female 263mm x 150mm x 43.6mm
JX-CF1-791M821M-60S 806 791-821MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@832MHz 1W SMA-Female 110mm x 100mm x 42mm
JX-CF1-824M835M-40QMA 829.5 824-835MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@869-879MHz 2W QMA-Female 60mm x 60mm x 35mm
JX-CF1-860M870M-40NWP 866.5 863-870MHz ≤2.0dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@DC-850MHz
5W In: N-Female
Out: N-Male
120mm x 75mm x 41mm
JX-CF1-864M872M-80S 868 864-872MHz ≤1.0dB ≥20.8dB ≥80dB@721-735MHz 30W SMA-Female 54mm x 54mm x 38mm
JX-CF1-869M879M-40QMA 874 869-879MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@824-835MHz 2W QMA-Female 60mm x 60mm x 35mm
JX-CF1-GSMR-40S 887 885-889MHz ≤2.0dB ≥19dB ≥27dB@f0±5MHz
50W SMA-Female 152mm x72mm x 40mm
JX-TF-GSMR-02DN 887 885-889MHz
≤1.0dB ≥17dB ≥40dB@DC-875MHz
100W P1-P3:DIN(7/16)-Female
293mm x 100mm x 44mm
JX-CF-898-PB35 897.5 880-915MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥40dB@DC-870MHz
50W N-Female JX-CF-898-PB35
JX-CF1-880M915M-40QMA 897.5 880-915MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@925-960MHz 2W QMA-Female 100mm x 55mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-890M915M-S25 897.5 890-915MHz ≤2.0dB ≥15dB ≥30dB@869-885MHz 50W SMA-Female 100mm x 65mm x 36mm
JX-CF1-896M915M-45S 905.5 896-915MHz ≤1.7dB ≥17dB ≥45dB@DC-890MHz
10W SMA-Female 96mm x 66mm x 36mm
JX-CF1-902M928M-03N 915 902-928MHz ≤1.5dB ≥14dB ≥30dB@896MHz
90W N-Female 177.8mm x 76.2mm x 21.8mm
JX_TF-GSM39-Q6 940.5 921-960MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥20dB@911MHz
10W SMA-Male 165mm x 80mm x25.5mm
JX-CF1-925M960M-60S 942.5 925-960MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@915MHz 1W SMA-Female 110mm x 100mm x 42mm
JX-CF1-925M960M-40QMA 942.5 925-960MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@880-915MHz 2W QMA-Female 100mm x 55mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-1020M1040M-40NF 1030 1020-1040MHz ≤0.5dB ≥20dB ≥40dB@1080-4000MHz 100W N-Female 117mm x 90mm x 30mm
JX-CF1-1020M1040M-40NS 1030 1020-1040MHz ≤0.6dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@DC-980 MHz
≥40dB@1080-3000 MHz
20W Input: N-Male
Output: SMA-Female
100mm x 50mm x 28mm
JX-CF1-1020M1040M-40NSF 1030 1020-1040MHz ≤1.0dB ≥14dB ≥40dB@DC-1008MHz
1W IN: N-Female
OUT: SMA-Female
91mm x 52mm x 32mm
JX-CF1-1080M1100M-40NS 1090 1080-1100MHz ≤0.5dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@DC-1040MHz
1W Input: N-Male
Output: SMA-Female
100mm x 50mm x 28mm(56.0mm Max)
JX-CF1-1080M1100M-40NF3 1090 1080-1100MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@DC-1065MHz
15W N-Female 110mm x 60mm x 38mm
JX-CF1-1080M1100M-40NS2 1090 1080-1100MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@DC-1067MHz
10W Input: N-Female
Output: SMA-Female
110mm x60mm x 38mm
JX-CF1-1086M1094M-80S 1090 1086-1094MHz ≤0.5dB ≥20dB ≥80dB@921-960MHz 30W SMA-Female 54mm x 54mm x 32mm
JX-CF1-1176M1177M-20NS 1176.5 1176-1177MHz ≤12dB ≥14dB ≥20dB@1175MHz
20W Input: N-Female
Output: SMA-Female
133 mm x Max56 mm x 28mm
JX-CF1-1427M1518M-80N 1472.5 1427-1518MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥80dB@DC-1400MHz
50W N-Female 130mm x 60mm x 29mm
JX-CF1-1574M1575M-20NS 1575.42 1574.92-1575.92MHz ≤14dB ≥13dB ≥20dB@1573.92MHz
20W Input: N-Female
Output: SMA-Female
133 mm x Max56 mm x 28mm
JX-CF1-1710M1785M-40QMA 1747.5 1710-1785MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@1805-1880MHz 2W QMA-Female 78mm x 50mm x 24mm
JX-CF1-1790M1800M-23NWP 1795 1790-1800MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥23dB@1805-1900MHz 15W N-Female 96mmx66mmx35mm
JX-CF1-1805M1880M-60S 1842.5 1805-1880MHz ≤0.8dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@1785MHz
1W SMA-Female 110mm x 100mm x 42mm
JX-CF1-1805M1880M-40QMA 1842.5 1805-1880MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@1710-1785MHz 2W QMA-Female 78mm x 50mm x 24mm
JX-CF1-1881.5M1884.5M-S40 1883 1881.5-1884.5MHz ≤3.8dB ≥14dB >30dB@1878MHz
50W SMA-Female 74mm x 60mm x 29mm
JX-CF1-1300M2600M-40S 1950 1300-2600MHz ≤0.8dB ≥11dB ≥48dB@DC-1100MHz
50W N-Female 184mm x 32mm x 31mm
JX-CF1-1920M1980M-40QMA 1950 1920-1980MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@2110-2170MHz 2W QMA-Female 55mm x 55mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-1980M2010M-60N 1995 1980-2010MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2170-2290MHz 50W N-Female 105mm x 68mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-1980M2120M-60N 2050 1980-2120MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2170-2290MHz 50W N-Female 120mm x 68mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2025M2110M-60N 2067.5 2025-2110MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2170-2290MHz 50W N-Female 105mm x 68mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2110M2170M-60S 2140 2110-2170MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@1970MHz
1W SMA-Female 78mm x 60mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2110M2170M-40QMA 2140 2110-2170MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@1920-1980MHz 2W QMA-Female 55mm x 55mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-1980M2098M-60N 2189 1980-2398MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2110-2170MHz 50W N-Female 175mm x 75mm x 35mm
JX-CF1-2170M2290M-60N 2230 2170-2290MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@1980-2120MHz 50W N-Female 120mm x 68mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2180M2300M-60N 2240 2180-2300MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2110-2170MHz 50W N-Female 225mm x 100mm x 35mm
JX-CF1-2300M2400M-60S 2350 2300-2400MHz ≤1.2dB ≥18dB ≥60dB@2200MHz
50W SMA-Female 100mm x 45mm x 31mm
JX-CF1-2.4G2.5G-85S 2450 2400-2500MHz ≤0.8dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@DC-2370MHz
80W SMA-Female 110mm x 50.8mm x 19mm
JX-CF1-2.4G2.5G-60S 2450 2400-2500MHz ≤1.2dB ≥18dB ≥60dB@2300MHz
50W SMA-Female 100mm x 55mm x 31mm
JX-CF1-2405M2495M-30NWP 2450 2405-2495MHz ≤0.8dB ≥16dB ≥50dB@DC-2370MHz
100W N-Female 143mm x 64mm x 35mm
JX-CF2-2300M2620M-60S4 2460 2300-2400MHz
≥18dB ≥60dB@DC-2200MHz
50W SMA-Female 91mm x 59mm x 24.5mm
JX-CF2-2300M2690M-30S5 2495 2300-2400MHz
≤1.2dB ≥18dB ≥55dB@700-2200MHz
50W SMA-Female 91mm x 59mm x 24.5mm
JX-CF1-2500M2570M-45S 2535 2500-2570MHz ≤2.4dB ≥18dB ≥45dB@DC-2450MHz
30W SMA-Female 67mm x 35.5mm x 24.5mm
JX-CF1-2500M2570M-40QMA 2535 2500-2570MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@2620-2690MHz 2W QMA-Female 67mm x 50mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2550M2590M-N5 2570 2550-2590MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@2540MHz
30W Input: N-Male
Output: N-Female
158mm x 86mm x 44.5mm
JX-CF1-2570M2615M-20S 2592.5 2570-2615MHz ≤1.2dB ≥18dB ≥60dB@2530MHz
50W SMA-Female 108mm x 98mm x 34mm
JX-CF1-2500M2690M-70S 2595 2500-2690MHz ≤1.5dB ≥15dB ≥70dB@2400MHz
50W SMA-Female 95mm x 50mm x 24mm
JX-CF1-2620M2690M-60S 2655 2620-2690MHz ≤0.4dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@2570MHz 1W SMA-Female 90mm x 60mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2620M2690M-40QMA 2655 2620-2690MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥40dB@2500-2570MHz 2W QMA-Female 67mm x 50mm x 33mm
JX-CF1-2718M2722M-40S 2720 2718-2722MHz ≤2.2dB ≥14dB ≥40dB@DC-2711MHz
10W SMA-Female 185 mm x 81mm x 18mm
JX-CF1-2718M2722M-65S 2720 2718-2722MHz ≤4.0dB ≥14dB ≥65dB@DC-2711MHz
10W SMA-Female 185 mm x 81mm x 18mm
JX-CF1-2818M2822M-40S 2820 2818-2822MHz ≤2.2dB ≥14dB ≥40dB@DC-2811MHz
10W SMA-Female 185 mm x 81mm x 18mm
JX-CF1-2818M2822M-65S 2820 2818-2822MHz ≤4.0dB ≥14dB ≥65dB@DC-2811MHz
10W SMA-Female 185 mm x 81mm x 18mm
JX-CF1-2668M3132M-65S 2900 2668-3132MHz ≤4dB ≥14dB ≥65dB@DC-2618MHz
50W SMA-Female 120 mm x 40mm x 21.5mm
JX-CF1-25003500-11J 3000 2500-3500MHz ≤0.7dB ≥12dB ≥55dB@0-1.7GHz
10W SMA-Female 162.6mm x 24mm x 28mm
JX-CF1-2800M3400M-9J40 3100 2800-3400MHz ≤1.2dB ≥12dB ≥40dB@DC-2600MHz
50W SMA-Female 80mm x 20mm x 12mm
JX-CF1-2800M3500M-10J40 3150 2800-3500MHz ≤1.2dB ≥12dB ≥35dB@DC-2600MHz)
50W SMA-Female 80mm x 20mm x 12mm
JX-CF1-2900M4100M-66S 3500 2900-4100MHz ≤0.3dB ≥11.7dB ≥66dB@2000MHz
10W SMA-Female 68.33 mm x36.07 mm x 14.98mm
JX-CF1-3300M3800M-S602 3550 3300-3800MHz ≤0.9dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@703-2690MHz
50W Input: SMA-Female
Output: N-Female
80mm x 40mm x 23mm
JX-CF1-3400M3700M-50N 3550 3400-3700MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥50dB@DC-3200MHz
50W N-Female 95mm x 50mm x 25mm
JX-CF1-3550M3700M-45S 3625 3550-3700MHz ≤1.5dB ≥15dB ≥45dB@3340MHz
10W SMA-Female 100mm x 80mm x 26mm
JX-CF1-3.58G3.7G-56S 3640 3580-3700MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥55dB@0-2.5GHz
10W SMA-Female 108mm x 33mm x 16mm
JX-CF1-3.7G3.8G-55S 3750 3700-3800MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥55dB@0-2.5GHz
50W SMA-Female 108mm x 33mm x 16mm
JX-CF1-3.4G4.8G-13J 4100 3400-4800MHz ≤1.0dB ≥12dB ≥55dB@DC-2.7GHz
10W SMA-Female 132.2mm x 25mm x 18mm
JX-CF1-35005000-11J 4250 3500-5000MHz ≤3.0dB ≥12dB ≥55dB@0-2.5GHz
10W SMA-Female 105.35mm x 17mm x 25mm
JX-CF1-4967M5012M-70S 4985 4957.5-5012.5MHz ≤0.5dB ≥18dB ≥70dB@4850 MHz
≥70dB@5130 MHz
10W SMA-Female 100mmx65mmx22mm
JX-CF1-3900M6100M-63S 5000 3900-6100MHz ≤0.3dB ≥11.7dB ≥63dB@2500MHz
50W SMA-Female 62.74 mm x 29.72 mm x 14.98 mm
JX-CF1-5100M5900M-60S 5500 5100-5900MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@6200MHz 50W SMA-Female 95mm x 50mm x 22mm
JX-CF1-5350M5650M-9S70 5500 5350-5650MHz ≤1.8dB ≥14dB ≥70dB@5000MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.27 38.43mm x 18.75mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-4950M6150M-18S60 5550 4950-6150MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-4400MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 18.05mm x 8.5mm
JX-CF1-5470M5730M-10NWP 5600 5470-5730MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥65dB@0-4880 MHz
≥45dB@4880-5200 MHz
≥10dB@5200-5400 MHz
≥10dB@5800-6000 MHz
≥45dB@6000 MHz
10W N-Female 95mm x 78mm x 30mm
JX-CF1-5677M5702M-S6 5690 5677.5-5702.5MHz ≤5.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥5dB@5660-5670 MHz
≥10dB@5650-5660 MHz
≥15dB@5640-5650 MHz
≥50dB@5605-5640 MHz
≥5dB@5710-5720 MHz
≥10dB@5720-5730 MHz
≥15dB@5730-5740 MHz
≥50dB@5740-5775 MHz
≥80dB@5775-12000 MHz
10W MCX-Female 78mm x 22mm x 9mm
JX-CF1-5677M5702M-S6 5698.5 5677-5720MHz ≤5.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥80dBatFc-85MHz
10W MCX-Female 78mm x 22mm x 9mm
JX-CF1-5735M5815M-40S 5775 5735-5815MHz ≤1.5dB ≥16dB ≥40dB@5690 MHz
≥40dB@5835 MHz
4W SMA-Female 95mmx50mmx22mm
JX-CF1-5720M5855M-50NWP 5787.5 5720-5855MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥80dB@1000-4000 MHz
≥50dB@5500 MHz
≥50dB@6100 MHz
10W N-Female 82mm x 78mm x 30mm
JX-CF1-5725M5875M-40S 5800 5725-5875MHz ≤1.2dB ≥18dB ≥40dB@5600MHz
50W SMA-Female 75mm x 50mm x 22mm
JX-CF1-5900M6100M-8S68 6000 5900-6100MHz ≤1.6dB ≥14dB ≥68dB@5000MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.27 28.91mm x 18.75mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-5800M7050M-19S60 6425 5800-7050MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-5400MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 18.05mm x 8.5mm
JX-CF1-6700M7950M-20S12 7325 6700-7950MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-6300MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 18.05mm x 8.5mm
JX-CF1-7G8G-10S40 7500 7000-8000MHz ≤0.9dB ≥11.7dB ≥40-50dB@6000MHz
5W 2-φ0.38mm*1.27mm 30.48mm x 15.24mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-7.2G7.8G-S8 7500 7200-7800MHz ≤1.0dB ≥18dB ≥75dB@DC-6300 MHz
≥80dB@8700-15000 MHz
10W SMA(3.5mm)-Female
88mm x 20mm x 13mm
JX-CF1-7250M7750M-PIN15 7500 7250-7750MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12.4dB ≥60dB@3850-5350MHz
/ RF PIN: 2-φ0.457mm*1.77mm 59mm x 20mm x 9mm
JX-CF1-7.9G8.4G-S50 8150 7900-8400MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥50dB@7.25-7.75GHz 1W SMA-Female 91mm x 42mm x 13.5mm
JX-CF1-7.9G8.4G-30S 8150 7900-8400MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12dB ≥30dB@6.5-7.75GHz 1W SMA-Female 79.3mm x 13.1mm x 8.7mm
JX-CF1-7600M8800M-21S11 8200 7600-8800MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-7200MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 18.05mm x 8.5mm
JX-CF1-8280M8500M-70S 8390 8280-8500MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15.6dB ≥70dB@DC-8100 MHz
≥70dB@8700-9100 MHz
50W SMA-Female 88mmx44mmx13mm
JX-CF1-7000M101100M-14J58 8550 7000-10100MHz ≤0.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥58dB@6000MHz
10W SMA-Female 49.17mm x 14.86mm x 12.7mm
JX-CF1-7950M9550M-15S75 8750 7950-9550MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12dB ≥75dB@7300MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 53mm x 15.24mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-8350M9750M-7S87 9050 8350-9750MHz ≤1.0dB ≥11.7dB ≥87dB@7512.5MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.27 47.75mm x 14.38mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-8450M9650M-22S12 9050 8450-9650MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-8050MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
JX-CF1-8.9G9.5G-S7 9200 8900-9500MHz ≤1.7dB ≥14dB ≥25dB@8700MHz
5W 2-φ0.37 44.24mm x 13.97mm x 7.75mm
JX-CF1-9G9.6G-50S 9300 9000-9600MHz ≤0.5dB ≥15dB ≥30dB@0-6500MHz
20W SMA-Female 57.2mm x 11mm x 16mm
JX-CF1-9075M9925M-4S43 9500 9075-9925MHz ≤1.2dB ≥14dB ≥40dB@8756MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 40.13mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-9400M9600M-S4 9500 9400-9600MHz ≤1.0dB ≥14dB ≥≥50dB@7400MHz
10W Microstrip needle
52mm x 15mm x 12mm
JX-CF1-9.25G9.75G-S9 9500 9250-9750MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥29dB@9.1GHz
/ RF PIN: 2-φ0.38mm*1.27mm 49.53mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-9300M10600M-23S12 9950 9300-10600MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-8850MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
JX-CF1-9.5G10.5G-9S75 10000 9500-10500MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12dB ≥75dB@8500MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 37mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
JX-CF1-9400M10800M-3S90 10100 9400-10800MHz ≤1.0dB ≥12dB ≥87dB@8562.5MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.27 49.15mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-8G12.5G-15J45 10250 8000-12500MHz ≤2.0dB ≥9.5dB ≥45dB@7300MHz
10W SMA-Female 50mm x 18mm x 7.5mm
JX-CF1-9.45G11.05G-12J75 10250 9450-11050MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12dB ≥75dB@8800MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 48mm x 15mm x 6mm
JX-CF1-9.9G10.8G-S6 10350 9900-10800MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15.6dB ≥50dB@8.35GHz
2W SMA-Female 52.6mm x 12.7mm x 11.9mm
JX-CF1-10460M11260M-39J 10860 10460-11260MHz ≤1.3dB ≥14dB ≥39dB@10100MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 38.35 mm x13.97 mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-10250M11550M-24S11 10900 10250-11550MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-9750MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
JX-CF1-10950M12550M-16S75 11750 10950-12550MHz ≤2.0dB ≥12dB ≥75dB@10300MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 52.14mm x 13.1mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-11200M12550M-25S11 11875 11200-12550MHz ≤1.5dB ≥12dB ≥60dB@DC-10700MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 45mm x 15mm x 6.5mm
JX-CF1-10587.5M13187.5M-4S90 11887.5 10587.5-13187.5MHz ≤0.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥60dB@6568.75MHz
10W SMA-Female 35.76mm x 12.7mm x 12.7mm
JX-CF1-11500M12500M-26S9 12000 11500-12500MHz ≤1.3dB ≥12dB ≥45dB@11000MHz
5W 2-φ0.38 40mm x 14mm x 6.4mm
JX-CF1-11.8G12.2G-42PIN 12000 11800-12200MHz ≤1.1dB ≥14dB ≥39dBc@10500MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 24.13mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-12831M13419M-6S47 13125 12831-13419MHz ≤1.5dB ≥14dB ≥47dB@12125MHz
1W 2-φ0.38*1.27 32.08mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-12.7G14.9G-42PIN 13800 12700-14900MHz ≤0.8dB ≥11.7dB ≥139dBc@11400MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 32.14mm x 13.97mm x 7.87mm
JX-CF1-13.75G14.5G-30S1 14125 13750-14500MHz ≤1.5dB ≥18dB ≥70dB@DC-12800MHz
10W SMA-Female / SMA-Male 88.2mm x 15.0mm (Max) x 10.2mm
JX-CF1-13.7G14.8G-58PIN 14250 13700-14800MHz ≤1.3dB ≥14dB ≥18dBc@13375MHz
5W 2-φ0.38mm*1.3mm 35.26mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-14.5G15.3G-S6 14900 14500-15300MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥50dB@13.3GHz
10W SMA-Male
56.6mm x 10mm x 12.7mm
JX-CF1-15450M16550M-3S62 16000 15450-16550MHz ≤1.9dB ≥14dB ≥62dB@14838MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 44.78mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-16450M17550M-2S62 17000 16450-17550MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥62dB@15858MHz
5W 2-φ0.38*1.3 46.36mm x 13.97mm x 6.35mm
JX-CF1-15.9G20.1G-50S1 18000 15900-20100MHz ≤1.0dB@3GHz BW
≤3.0dB@4.2GHz BW
≥12.7dB ≥50dB@9.75GHz
≥50dB @ 24.75GHz
1W SMA-Female 39mm (57.8mm) x 18.5mm
JX-CF1-18G24G-9J 21000 18000-24000MHz ≤1.5dB ≥9.5dB ≥50dB@DC-15GHz
1W PIN: φ 0.49mm*1.9mm or
40.2mm x 18.5mm x 13mm
JX-CF1-20.95G23.05G-9J 22000 20950-23050MHz ≤1.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥35dB@20GHz
2W SMA(2.92mm)-Female
48.2mm x 17.5mm x 7mm
JX-CF1-21G23G-9J 22000 20950-23050MHz ≤1.5dB ≥11.7dB ≥35dB@20.2GHz
2W SMA(2.92mm)-Female
48.2mm x 17.5mm x 7mm
JX-CF1-22.5G23.5G-S7 23000 22500-23500MHz ≤2.0dB ≥14dB ≥50dB@21.5GHz
10W SMA(2.92mm)-Male
43.4mm x 7mm x 12.7mm
JX-CF1-21.5G25G-9J 23250 21500-25000MHz ≤1.0dB ≥11.7dB ≥40dB@DC-18.8GHz
2W SMA(2.92mm)-Female
40.6mm x 17.5mm x 7mm
JX-CF1-24.25G27.5G-S13 25875 24250-27500MHz ≤1.5dB ≥18dB ≥50dB@DC-23GHz
10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 62.81mm x 8mm x 18.5mm
JX-CF1-22G30G-11J 26000 22000-30000MHz ≤2.0dB ≥11.7dB ≥40dB@DC-19.5GHz
2W SMA(2.92mm)-Female
40.2mm x 17.5mm x 7mm
JX-CF1-22G40G-15J 31000 22000-40000MHz ≤1.5dB ≥9.5dB ≥40dB@DC-19.5 Hz
2W SMA(2.92mm)-Female
43.4mm x 17.5mm x 7.5mm
JX-CF1-30G33G-S7 31500 30000-33000MHz ≤2.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@37000-43000MHz 10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 39.6mm x 13mm x 8mm
JX-CF1-24G40G-9J 32000 24000-40000MHz ≤1.5dB ≥9.5dB ≥45dB@DC-20GHz 1W PIN: φ 0.49mm*1.9mm or
30.6mm x 18.5mm x 13mm
JX-CF1-24G40G-9J45 32000 24000-40000MHz ≤1.5dB ≥905dB ≥45dB@DC-20GHz 10W 2.92mm-Female 30.6mm x 18.5mm x 7mm
JX-CF1-33G36G-S7 34500 33000-36000MHz ≤1.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@42000-50000MHz 10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 39.6mm x 13mm x 8mm
JX-CF1-30G40G-15J 35000 30000-40000MHz ≤2.0dB ≥10.2dB ≥30dB@DC-29GHz
10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 51mm x 17.5mm x 7.5mm
JX-CF1-36G39G-S7 37500 36000-39000MHz ≤2.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@44000-50000MHz 10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 39.6mm x 13mm x 8mm
JX-CF1-40G41G-S7 40500 40000-41000MHz ≤2.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@DC-39000MHz
10W SMA(2.92mm)-Female 39.6mm x 13mm x 8mm

 LC Filter

Model Number Type Frequency Range Insertion Loss Return Loss Rejection Power(CW) Connector Size(L x W x H)
JX-LCF1-200M500M-50SF Band-pass 200-500MHz ≤0.7dB ≥14dB ≥30dBc@DC-170MHz
1W SMA-50F 50mm x 20mm x 15mm
JX-LCF1-174M240M-2S70 Band-pass 174-240MHz ≤3.0dB ≥15dB ≥80dB@88-108MHz
2W SMA-Female 50mm x 20mm x 15mm
JX-LCF1-270M310M-26NF Band-pass 270-310MHz ≤1.5dB ≥14dB ≥26dBc@DC~155MHz&340MHz
10W N- Female 50mm x25mm x 20mm
JX-LCF1-350M360M-26NF Band-pass 350-360MHz ≤2.5dB ≥14dB ≥26dBc@DC~180MHz&700MHz
10W N- Female 50mm x25mm x 20mm
JX-LCF-98-20 Band-pass 87.5-108MHz ≤2.0dB ≥15dB ≥60dB@DC-53MHz&143-500MHz 20W SMA-Female 50mm x 20mm x 15mm
JX-LCF-227.5-25 Band-pass 202-240MHz ≤2.0dB ≥16dB ≥32dB@DC-174MHz
5W SMA-Female 50mm x 20mm x 15mm

Highpass Filter

Part Number Passband Frequency  Insertion Loss  Rejection VSWR
JX-HPF1-1G18G-01 1-18GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-0.8GHz 2
JX-HPF1-1.1G9G-02 1.1-9.0GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-9.46GHz 2
JX-HPF1-1.2G13G-03 1.2-13GHz 2.0dB 40dB@0.96-1.01GHz,50dB@DC-0.96GHz 2
JX-HPF1-1.5G14G-04 1.5-14GHz 1.5dB 50dB@DC-1.17GHz 1.5
JX-HPF1-1.6G12.75G-05 1.6-12.75GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-1.1GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-12G18G-06 2-18GHz 2.0dB 45dB@DC-1.8GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-2.4835G18G-07  2.4835-1.8GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-1.664GHz 2
JX-HPF1-12.5G18G-08 2.5-18GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.0GHz 1.6
JX-HPF1-2.65G7.5G-09 2.65-7.5GHz 1.8dB 70dB@DC-2.45GHz 2
JX-HPF1-2.7835G18G-10 2.7835-18GHz 1.8dB 70dB@DC-2.4835GHz 2
JX-HPF1-3G12.75G-11 3-12.75GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.7GHz 2
JX-HPF1-3G18G-12 3-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-2.7GHz 1.6
JX-HPF1-3.1G18G-13 3.1-18GHz 1.5dB 40dB@DC-2.48GHz 1.5
JX-HPF1-4G18G-14 4-18GHz 2.0dB 45dB@DC-3.6GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-4.2G12.75G-15 4.2-12.75GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-3.8GHz 1.7
JX-HPF1-4.492G18G-16 4.492-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-4.2GHz 2
JX-HPF1-5G22G-17 5-22GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-4.48GHz 1.7
JX-HPF1-5.85G18G-18 5.85-18GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-3.9195GHz 2
JX-HPF1-6G18G-19 6-18GHz 1.0dB 50dB@DC-0.61GHz,25dB@2.5GHz 2
JX-HPF1-6G24G-20 6-24GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-5.4GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-6.5G18G-21 6.5-18GHz 2.0dB 40@5.85GHz,62@DC-5.59GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-7G18G-22 7-18GHz 2.0dB 40dB@DC-6.5GHz 2
JX-HPF1-8G18G-23 8-18GHz 2.0dB 50dB@DC-6.8GHz 2
JX-HPF1-8G25G-24 8-25GHz 2.0dB 60dB@DC-7.25GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-8.4G17G-25 8.4-17GHz 5.0dB 85dB@8.025-8.35GHz 1.5
JX-HPF1-11G24G-26 11-24GHz 2.5dB 60dB@DC-6.0GHz,40dB@6.0-9.0GHz 1.8
JX-HPF1-11.7G15G-27 11.7-15GHz 1.0dB 15dB@DC-9.8GHz 1.3

Notch Filter

Model Number Notch Frequency Rejection Passband 1  Passband  2 I.L VSWR
JX-617M652A 617-652MHz 40dB DC-602 667-2000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-663M698A 663-698MHz 40dB DC-648 713-2000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-703M748A 703-784MHz 40dB DC-688 763-3500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-758M803A 758-803MHz 40dB DC-743 818-3500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-791M821A 791-821 MHz 40dB DC-781 831-2500 3.00dB 1.8
JX-824M846A 824-846MHz 45dB DC-790 866-2550 3.00dB 1.8
JX-824M894A 824-894MHz 50dB DC-790 928-2100 2.00dB 1.8
JX-850M960A 850-960MHz 40dB DC-830 980-2000 2.50dB 1.8
JX-876M960A 876-960MHz 50dB DC-836 1000-2200 2.00dB 1.8
JX-897M907A 897-907MHz 40dB DC-887 917-1000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-925M960A 925-960MHz 40dB DC-915 970-3000 2.00dB 1.8
JX-930M960A 930-960MHz 60dB DC-910 980-3000 2.50dB 2
JX-995M1005A 995-1005MHz 60dB DC-980 1020-1800 2.50dB 2
JX-1240M1260A 1240-1260MHz 50dB DC-1230 1270-4000 2.00dB 1.8
JX-1447M1467A 1447-1467MHz 60dB DC-1422 1492-5000 2.50dB 2
JX-1565M1585A 1565-1585MHz 60dB DC-1558 1592-3300 2.50dB 2
JX-1710M1785A 1710-1785MHz 40dB DC-1690 1800-3500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1742M1752A 1742-1752MHz 60dB DC-1732 1762-3500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1805M1850A 1805-1850MHz 40dB DC-1760 1895-3800 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1850M1910A 1850-1910MHz 40dB DC-1830 1930-3500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1865M1895A 1865-1895MHz 40dB DC-1810 1930-5700 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1880M1920A 1880-1920MHz 60dB DC-1870 1930-6000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-1890M1910A 1890-1910MHz 50dB DC-1880 1820-8000 2.50dB 2
JX-2010M2025A 2010-2025MHz 50dB DC-1986 2050-4000 2.50dB 2
JX-2110M2170A 2110-2170MHz 60dB DC-2070 2210-5800 2.50dB 2
JX-2225M2375A 2225-2375MHz 55dB DC-2150 2450-3500 2.50dB 2
JX-2300M2320A 2300-2320MHz 50dB DC-2290 2330-3000 2.50dB 2
JX-2320M2370A 2320-2370MHz 60dB DC-2290 2400-5800 2.50dB 2
JX-2360M2380A 2360-2380MHz 50dB DC-2350 2390-3000 2.50dB 2
JX-2380M2400A 2380-2400MHz 50dB DC-2370 2410-3000 2.50dB 2
JX-2490M2510A 2490-2510MHz 50dB DC-2480 2520-6000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-2500M2570A 2500-2570MHz 40dB DC-2440 2630-8000 2.00dB 2
JX-2496M2690A 2496-2690MHz 40dB DC-2481 2705-6500 1.50dB 1.8
JX-2500M2570B 2500-2570MHz 40dB DC-2470 2600-9000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-2535M2575A 2535-2575MHz 45dB DC-2520 2590-6000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-2620M2690A 2620-2690MHz 40dB DC-2590 2720-9000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-3300M3850A 3300-3850MHz 40dB DC-3270 3880-8000 3.00dB 1.8
JX-3550M3700A 3550-3700MHz 40dB DC-3500 3750-11000 1.50dB 1.8
JX-3740M3670A 3740-3760MHz 50dB DC-3730 3770-6000 2.00dB 1.8
JX-3800M4200A 3800-4200MHz 40dB DC-3770 4230-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-4400M5000A 4400-5000MHz 40dB DC-4370 5030-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-5150M5850A 5150-5850MHz 40dB DC-5120 5880-12000 3.00dB 2
JX-617M652A 617-652MHz 80dB DC-605 664-2000 2.00dB 2
JX-663M698B 663-698MHz 80dB DC-651 710-2000 2.00dB 2
JX-699M716A 699-716MHz 80dB DC-684 729-2000 2.00dB 2
JX-1427M1432A 1427-1432MHz 80dB DC-1412 1447-3000 2.00dB 2
JX-1432M1517A 1432-1517MHz 80dB DC-1407 1542-4200 2.00dB 2
JX-1695M1710A 1695-1710MHz 80dB DC-1685 1720-5000 2.00dB 2
JX-2110M2200A 2110-2200MHz 80dB DC-2085 2225-6000 2.00dB 2
JX-2300M2400A 2300-2400MHz 80dB DC-2273 2427-6000 2.00dB 2
JX-2400M2485A 2400-2485MHz 80dB DC-2375 2510-5500 2.00dB 2
JX-3300M3800A 3300-3800MHz 80dB DC-3250 3850-8000 5.00dB 2.5
JX-3800M4200B 3800-4200MHz 80dB DC-3750 4250-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-4400M5000B 4400-5000MHz 80dB DC-4240 5060-8000 5.00dB 2.5
JX-5150M5250A 5150-5250MHz 80dB DC-5125 5275-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-5250M5350A 5250-5350MHz 80dB DC-5225 5375-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-5470M5725A 5470-5725MHz 80dB DC-5420 5775-8000 3.00dB 2
JX-5725M5850A 5725-5850MHz 80dB DC-5695 5880-8000 3.00dB 2

Custom RF Passive Components

As a manufacturer of RF passive components, Jingxin can design various ones according to the clients’ applications.
Only 3 Steps to Solve Your Problem of RF Passive Component.
1. Defining the parameter by you.
2. Offering the proposal for confirmation by Jingxin.
3. Producing the prototype for trial by Jingxin.

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