Cavity Duplexer 806-825/851-870MHz JX-CD2-806870-65s

Item No.: JX-CD2-806870-65S

- Low Insertion Loss
- Small Volume
- High Isolation

- Custom Design Available

R&D Team

- Having 10 Professional Engineers

- With 15+ Years’ Specialized Experience


- Solving 1000+ Cases Projects

- Our Components Covering from European Railway Systems, USA Public Safety Systems to Asian Military Communication Systems and so on.

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Cavity Duplexer 806-825/851-870MHz

Coaxial cavity duplexer JX-CD2-806870-65S is one type of RF passive component designed & produced for sale by Jingxin, which especially features a low insertion loss of less than 1.5dB in small volume, measured LxWxH: 145mm x 106mm x 35mm (42mm Max).

The frequency of this duplexer covers from 806-825MHz and 851-870MHz with Isolation ≥40 dB @ 806-870MHz, which works under the power of 10W. This duplexer is produced with SMA-Female connectors, but it can be switched to others according to the demand, such kind of duplexer can bear in the field for a long time.

As promised, all the RF passive components from Jingxin have 3 years warranty.





Frequency range



Return loss (Normal Temp)

≥20 dB

≥20 dB

Return loss (Full Temp)

≥20 dB

≥20 dB

Max insertion loss (Normal Temp)

≤1.5 dB

≤1.5 dB

Max insertion loss (Full Temp)

≤1.5 dB

≤1.5 dB

Attenuation (Normal Temp)

≥65 dB @ 851-870MHz

≥65 dB @ 806-825MHz

Attenuation (Full Temp)

≥65 dB @ 851-870MHz

≥65 dB @ 806-825MHz

Isolation (Normal Temp)

≥40 dB @ 806-870MHz

Isolation (Full Temp)

≥40 dB @ 806-870MHz

Impedance all ports

50 Ohm

Input Power

10 Watt max

Operating Temperature Range

-20°C to +70°C

Cavity Duplexer 806-825851-870MHz JX-CD2-806870-65s

Custom RF Passive Components

As a manufacturer of RF passive components, Jingxin can design various ones according to the clients’ applications.
Only 3 Steps to Solve Your Problem of RF Passive Component
1. Defining the parameter by you.
2. Offering the proposal for confirmation by Jingxin.
3. Producing the prototype for trial by Jingxin.

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