Jingxin Team Building

The annual annual meeting is here. The venue for this annual meeting is an outdoor party pavilion. All the company personnel and some of their families gather together to enjoy a different team building time!

Speech by Company Leaders

At the beginning of the annual meeting, the leaders spoke in turn. First, they sincerely thanked all employees for their hard work in the past year. Second, they summarized and reviewed the shortcomings and developments of the past year. Then he looked forward to the development plan for the next year, and looked forward to the company developing better and better and achieving more and more .


Commendation of Advanced Personnel and Lottery Activities

The company’s current success is the result of the joint efforts of all employees, among whom a group of outstanding talents who are willing to contribute and have the courage to take on responsibilities have emerged. As a token of appreciation, the company awarded three outstanding employee awards to thank everyone for their dedication and efforts. At the same time, it also encouraged other colleagues to learn from them and make continuous progress.

After the commendation was over, it was time for the part that everyone was most looking forward to – drawing the grand prize. Everyone actively participated in the lottery rounds one after another. The scene climaxed one after another, and the prizes were taken away by the lucky ones one after another. Each lucky person who won the prize would also perform live singing and dancing, and the atmosphere of the scene became more and more harmonious with singing and dancing.

Games and Entertainment

Finally, the company also prepared many interactive games, various entertainment facilities, and delicious meals.

There are two rounds in the game session. The first is a rope skipping competition, where everyone actively participates and competes for first place. The second round is a tug-of-war between teams to show team spirit.


At the barbecue party in the evening, there was a dazzling array of delicious dishes. Everyone sat together, tasted delicious food, talked about friendship, and toasted to a better tomorrow!

Of course, there are all kinds of entertainment facilities, such as KTV singing, tea making by the fire, entertainment cards, free riding, flower viewing, etc. Everyone can participate and enjoy the wonderful leisure time in the afternoon!


With laughter and blessings, excitement and gratitude, the team building of the Jingxin Annual Meeting came to a successful conclusion. In the future, we will face more opportunities and challenges. All employees of Jingxin will work together with firmer determination and unity to create a better future!

Post time: Apr-12-2024