About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, Chengdu Jingxin Microwave Technology Co., Ltd as a professional & innovative manufacturer of RF & Microwave components, specializes in designing and manufacturing a wide range of standard and custom-design components with a leading performance from DC to 67.5GHz.
With more than 10 years of development and effort, Jingxin has acquired the recognition as a reliable partner in the industry. Win-win is always the consistent goal with our clients. Not only does Jingxin provide the components, but also supports the clients to expand more business with excellent proposals and designs of components. Long-term collaboration with clients drives us to move forward sustainably in RF & Microwave industry.

What We Do

Jingxin designs & manufactures RF/microwave passive components, including RF filters, duplexers/diplexers, combiners/multiplexers, directional couplers, hybrid couplers, power dividers/splitters, Isolator, circulators, attenuators, dummy loads, combined filter bank, POI combiner, waveguide components, and accessories, which are widely available for communication of commercial, military, aerospace applications, such as DAS system, BDA solution, public safety & critical solution, satellite communication, radar, radio communication, aviation & air traffic communications and so on.

Jingxin offers ODM/OEM service. With a good reputation in the microwave industry worldwide, the components from Jingxin are mainly exported to overseas markets, 50% for Europe, 40% for North America, and 10% for others.

How We Support

Jingxin supports the clients with optimal proposals, superior quality, punctual delivery, competitive price, and efficient after-sell service for accomplishing integrated solutions as the best reliable partner.

Since established, according to the clients’ various solutions, our R&D team, which is composed of skillful and talented engineers based on the client-oriented and pragmatic concept to collaborate with our clients, has been engineering thousands of types of RF/Microwave components as their demand. Our team always promptly responds to the clients’ requirements, and proposes optimized solutions to meet the demand of projects. Jingxin delivers not only RF passive components with delicate craft and precise technology but also with stable performance and a long lifetime for our clients to utilize in different applications.

Having an Office in Europe

In order to support our client more efficiently, Jingxin delegates an engineer in Switzerland to solve the pre-sale or after-sale technical issue in Europe, who is a veteran with more than 15-year experience in RF system field.

1. As a technical consultant, who is very professional in RF systems, he can not only grasp the pain point of RF solutions easily, but also can offer the optimal solution for reference. While he can visit you in- person to solve any issue on RF solution quickly.

2. Mastering German, English, and Chinese for avoiding any language barrier, really he is a good bridge for you & Jingxin to collaborate productively.

3. There is no much time lag for European clients to contact us for urgency.

Quality Management

Certified with ISO9001:2015 & ISO14001:2015, Jingxin always conforms to the standards to execute it rigidly during the process. All the manufacturing facilities and test equipment are regularly calibrated on the basis of ISO terms, the whole manufacturing process is documented in detail from sourcing material, and assembly to delivery for guaranteeing the quality of components.

As promised, the components from Jingxin are under 100% test before delivery, completely eradicating the defective ones before delivery to the clients, all test records of components are always kept in the clouds, which may be tracked after delivery 10 years later.

During the warranty, if there are any issues on the root of Jingxin, Jingxin commits the promise to repair or replace it according to our client's feedback. If the problem is caused by the client, Jingxin may help the client to fix it as well.


Our Mission

As the professional manufacturer of RF components, pursuing the innovation of technology and excellent quality is the core of our development and competence, as well as to satisfy the requirements of our clients for creating value for the clients is our purpose. Jingxin executes such kind of mission embodying the craft and performance, focusing on the detail to produce the better products to support our clients to achieve their value and mission for mutual development.


Our Vision

Our vision is to develop sustainably for being the outstanding leader in this industry. Win-win is always the concept of our company, Jingxin can not develop without our clients, which is like a circulation, anyone is indispensable, Jingxin supports the clients with the exceptional components, so the clients exploit more business for Jingxin. Initiative Jingxin focuses on long-term, stable and reliable cooperation with the clients, as well as sustainable development of the environment.


Company Culture

With more than 10 years of development, Jingxin has established its own company culture, concerning more on the key roles of the clients and the staff. Client-oriented & quality priority & professional integrity & creating the platform for the employee are being placed on the top as the principle of development,  so the reflection is that the staffs devote themselves to the company, and the clients reward  Jingxin with more cooperation, which exactly contributes the progress of the company. With the right concept, Jingxin stays sustainable growth and goes further.