The difference among power splitter, coupler and combiner

Power splitter,coupler and combiner are important components for RF system, so we would like to share its difference among them on their definition and function.

1.Power divider: It equally divides the signal power of one port to the output port, which is also named as power splitters and, when used in reverse, power combiners. It is passive devices used mostly in the field of radio technology. They couple a defined amount of the electromagnetic power in a transmission line to a port enabling the signal to be used in another circuit.


2.Combiner: The combiner is generally used at the transmitter. It combines two or more RF signals sent from different transmitters into one RF device sent by the antenna and avoids the interaction between signals at each port.

JX-CC5-7912690-40NP combiner

3. Coupler: Couple the signal to the coupling port in proportion.

 In short, to divide the same signal into two channels or multiple channels, just use with a power splitter. To combine two channels or multiple channels into one channel, just have a combiner, the POI is also a combiner too. The coupler adjusts the distribution according to the power required by the port to ensure that it reaches a node.


The function of power splitter, combiner and coupler

 1. The performance of the power divider is to evenly divide the input satellite intermediate frequency signal into several channels for output, usually two power points, four power points, six power points and so on.

2. The coupler is used in conjunction with the power splitter to achieve a goal-to make the transmission power of the signal source to be evenly distributed to the antenna ports of the indoor distribution system as much as possible, so that the transmission power of each antenna port is basically the same.

3. The combiner is mainly used to combine multi-system signals into an indoor distribution system. In engineering applications, it is necessary to combine two frequencies of 800MHz C network and 900MHz G network for output. The use of a combiner can make an indoor distribution system work in both the CDMA frequency band and the GSM frequency band at the same time.

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Post time: Nov-10-2021