RF Cavity Filter structure and traditional assembly

The tools and instruments used are: tools: electric screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver,RF Cavity Filter allen wrench, flat-blade debugging screwdriver, etc.; instruments: vector network analyzers, such as E5071B, MS4622B,RF Cavity Filter etc.; the traditional mechanical assembly process of the cavity filter is as follows: The cover plate is installed in the resonant cavity body and the cover plate is locked on the resonant cavity body with the set screw; RF Cavity Filter the cover plate thread assembly is screwed into the cover plate for the next step: the process is the debugging of the resonance frequency;

Resonance frequency debugging Due to the influence of the machined I error on the physical and circuit structure of the cavity filter, debugging of the resonance frequency is generally required; the lock nut is tightened with an Allen wrench to tighten the adjusted debugging screw;RF Cavity Filter environmental experiment Treatment includes high and low temperature experiments (-40C~80C) and inspection. Environmental testing requirements are carried out according to the specific specifications of the product; after passing the surface treatment inspection,RF Cavity Filter surface painting (such as black, etc.) is carried out according to customer requirements. According to the investigation,RF Cavity Filter it is found that the standard specification of the cavity filter requires only 90 minutes of standard man-hours for the initial adjustment,RF Cavity Filter and at least 15 minutes for the standard man-hours of the readjustment. The manual assembly of the cover plate and the resonant cavity will take more time: In addition,RF Cavity Filter it is even more difficult for high-order complicated cavity filters. Such low operating efficiency has to force companies to recruit a large number of assembly personnel to meet market product demand.


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Post time: Nov-15-2021