Application Note of RF Multiplexers


The combiner is mainly used to combine multiple system signals into a set of indoor distribution systems. In engineering applications, RF Multiplexer it is necessary to combine the two frequencies of 800MHz C network and 900MHz G network to output. The use of a combiner can enable an indoor distribution system to work simultaneously in the CDMA frequency band and the GSM frequency band. Another example is in a radio antenna system, RF Multiplexer after combining input and output signals of several different frequency bands (such as 145MHZ and 435MHZ) through a combiner, a feeder is used to connect to the radio, RF Multiplexer which not only saves a feeder, but also avoids The trouble of switching between different antennas.

In addition, it should be noted that in the application of the combiner, RF Multiplexer the signal feeding method of the base station or repeater is wireless, and the source of the signal is a wide spectrum, so in some occasions, RF Multiplexer a narrow passband is required to ensure the purity of the signal; The signal feeding method of the transmitter is a cable, RF Multiplexer and the signal is directly taken from a confident source, and its signal source is a narrow spectrum signal. RF Multiplexer because the source is a carrier frequency signal, the feeding method is a cable, RF Multiplexer and only the channel exists. Carrier frequency signal, no other interference signal. Therefore, RF Multiplexer the wide channel design of the combiner is feasible in practical applications.

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Post time: Dec-01-2022