Team Building-Plant Our Hope

Last weekend, Jingxin company hit Xinduqiao to have a 2-day trip of team building, which locates in the west of Sichuan province. There its altitude is above the sea level more than 3000meters, so it sounds like we could touch the blue sky and white clouds by hand. The landscapes were very fabulous and gorgeous, which were deeply etched in our minds this time. Although it was a short trip, we had a wonderful and enjoyable time together.

Jingxin holds team-building events every year, which is an important and necessary culture. On one hand, it is a good chance for staff to know more about each other, such as interests, personalities, and so on, which can be utilized for the projects in the office. Another hand, it is also an efficient relaxation for staff. Rest is also for working better. In short, team-building can help our company bond and become more cohesive, which is very meaningful for the staff to collaborate with each other during working time.

Plant our hope, and look forward to harvesting them in the future.



Post time: May-30-2022