Major progress in 6G Technology


Recently, Jiangsu Zijinshan Laboratory announced major progress in 6G technology, achieving the world's fastest data transmission speed in the Ethernet frequency band. This is an important part of 6G technology, represents a major advancement in China's 6G technology, and will consolidate China's leading edge in 6G technology.

As we know, 6G technology will use the terahertz frequency band, because the terahertz frequency band is rich in spectrum resources and can provide greater capacity and data transmission rate. Therefore, all parties around the world are actively developing terahertz technology, and China has achieved the world's fastest data transmission rate due to its previous accumulation of 5G technology.

China is the global leader in 5G technology and has built the world's largest 5G network. Up to now, the number of 5G base stations has reached nearly 2.4 million, accounting for nearly 60% of the number of 5G base stations in the world. As a result, it has accumulated a wealth of technology and experience. In the 5G technology, the mid-band 100M spectrum is used, and it has sufficient advantages in 3D antenna technology and MIMO technology.

On the basis of 5G mid-band technology, Chinese technology companies have developed 5.5G technology, using 100GHz frequency band and 800M spectrum width, which will further enhance my country's technical advantages in multi-antenna technology and MIMO technology, which will be used in 6G technology, because 6G technology adopts higher terahertz frequency band and wider spectrum, these technologies accumulated in 5G technology will help to apply terahertz frequency band in 6G technology.

It is based on these accumulations that China's scientific research institutions can test data transmission in the terahertz frequency band and achieve the world's fastest data transmission rate, consolidate China's leading edge in 6G technology, and ensure that China will gain more in the development of 6G technology in the future. initiative.


Post time: Feb-09-2023