3dB Hybrid Coupler

The 3dB hybrid coupler is a passive device that divides an input signal into two equal amplitude signals with a 90° phase difference. At present, there are mainly 800-2500MHz wide-band 3dB hybrid couplers, and 3dB Hybrid couplers which are used to combine signals of the same frequency. Features: Combine GSM, DCS, DTV, WLAN, WCDMA, and CDMA2000. CDMA800 and other signals into one or more channels and feed them into the distribution system;3dB Hybrid Coupler with single-frequency and multi-frequency combined channels with low insertion loss, small in-band fluctuations, and standing waves Small, high isolation; large power capacity; high reliability (anti-vibration, anti-shock), high-temperature resistance, 3dB Hybrid Coupler corrosion resistance, and waterproof.

JX-340-2700-3CNI-B3dB Hybrid_副本

3dB hybrid coupler introduction: The 3dB hybrid coupler is also called the same frequency combiner, 3dB Hybrid Coupler it can continuously sample the transmission power in a certain direction of the transmission line, 3dB Hybrid Coupler and can divide an input signal into two equal amplitudes with 90° phase Poor signal. It is mainly used for multi-signal combinations to improve the utilization rate of output signals. It is widely used in the indoor coverage system for the combination of base station signals. It has a good effect on this place.

3dB bridge use: The insertion loss of the 3dB bridge is 3.2, the isolation is also 25, and the standing wave is average. But there are two output ports, for example,3dB Hybrid Coupler two input 30 output is two 27. The output port of the 3dB bridge can also be arbitrarily set, two input and one output, one input and two output,3dB Hybrid Coupler two input and two output are actually possible, one more port is connected Just load a load with enough power. If the load is not connected, the 3dB hybrid coupler will be disconnected from the factory, which has no effect like another load. However, when the standing wave ratio is high,3dB Hybrid Coupler only 3dB can be used. In addition, the withstand power of the device must also be considered.
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Post time: Aug-26-2022